Environmentally Friendly Cup Carry Trays / Sleeves

cup carry trays

Cup Carry Trays

Cup Carry Trays are an essential to carry multiple hot drinks safely, sizes:

  • 2 cup (90 / sleeve, 360 / case)
  • 4 cup (90 / sleeve, 180 / case)
cup sleeves clutches

Cup Sleeves

Brown corrugated cup sleeves stop sensitive hands getting burned (for use with single wall paper cups - see paper cup section). Also known as coffee clutches, cup sleeves are also a great way to keep your hot drink warmer for longer, sizes:

  • 8-10oz (100 / sleeve, 2000 / case)
  • 12-16oz (100 / sleeve, 2000 / case)
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Beer line cleaner cleans beer lines, pipes and valves. Sold individually, full case size 2 x 5L.

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